Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

NIP: 7292662360
REGON: 365825025


1. All of the orders have to be placed through e-mail.
2. Orders are priced individually. The given offer is only valid for 2 weeks’ time.
3. When placing an order, the number of products ordered, dimensions of the product, weight and colour of cotton fabric have to be specified.
4. Chosen Pantone colours ( of cotton fabric and printing) are only exemplary colours- not obtaining the perfect matching colour to the Pantone pattern book cannot be the matter of complaint.
5. Orders are confirmed also through e-mail by Cotton Bag and then transferred to the production. Orders are transferred to the production after receiving the prepayment for the order. Delay of the prepayment has influence on the date of production finishing.
6. When placing the order, the purchaser agrees that the final product of the order can be used by Cotton Bag on the company’s website www.cotton-bag.pl and on the Facebook profile of the company.
7. The purchaser is fully responsible for the print layout printed on the Cotton Bag products. The purchaser possess all copyrights to the trademarks, printings placed on the products of Cotton Bag. In case the third party puts a claim, the purchaser is obliged to pay all the costs caused to Cotton Bag in order to satisfy claims of the third party and to pay costs of judicial proceeding.
8. Pursuant to Art. 14 of the Act on Consumer Rights, a consumer who has concluded a distance or off-premises contract may withdraw from it within 14 days without giving any reason and, as a rule, without incurring costs.
9. You can withdraw from the contract by sending an e-mail to biuro@cotton-bag.pl.
Please return the goods to the following address: Cotton Bag ul Demokratyczna 117 93-348 Łódź. The funds will be returned to the same bank account from which the payment was made within 14 days of receipt of the refund.


1. After accepting the order to the production, the date of production finishing is given individually. The date of production finishing is approximate and should not be treated as the final date. The tolerance for the date of production finishing is +/- 4 business days.
2. The matter of the complaint cannot be the date of production finishing when it’s within the above mentioned interval.
3. For every dimension of the product there is +/- 1 cm tolerance.


1. Shipping costs are paid by the Purchaser.
2. The matter of the complaint cannot be delay in shipping for which the Cotton Bag is not responsible. Delays in shipping are the matter of the transport company which transports the order.
3. If the box and the product inside has been damaged during the transport, please make up and sign the protocol in the presence of the delivering courier.


1. The matter of complaint cannot be:

  • shipping of the production within the tolerance +/-4 days since the day given as the production finishing
  • not obtaining exactly the same matching colour with Pantone pattern book cannot be the matter of complaint
  • delay in delivery caused by the transport company
  • damage of the good during the transport

2. The matter of complaint can be divergence of the product with the order specification.
3. The letter of complaint has to be send by e-mail to info@cotton-bag.pl
4. The complaint will be considered within 7 business days since the letter of complaint is sent to the e-mail address info@cotton-bag.pl